White wine  
Chardonnay (Dry)Goes well with creamy sauces, sea - food or chicken. Glass 5.9522.95
White zinfandel ( sweet)Goes well with pasta, fish or pork. Glass $ 5.9522.95
Pinot grigio (Dry)Goes especially well with seafood. Glass $ 5.9522.95
Sauvignon blanc (Dry)The most versatile and food - friendly. Glas 5.9522.95
Riesling (Dry)Goes well whit salads and seafood. Glass 5.95 
Red wine  
Cabernet (Dry)Goes well with meat. Glass $ 5.9522.95
MerlotSofter in taste than cabernet. Goes well with salads, meat and red pastas. Glass $ 5.9522.95
Chianti (Dry)Goes well with pastas and rich in seasoning red sauces. Glass $ 6.5024.95
Lambrusco (Dry and semi-swett)Goes well with barbecued or any other grilled food. Glass $ 6.5024.95
Pinot ( Semi- dry)Goes well with creamy sauces, pork and poultry. Glass $ 5.9522.95
Ecco domani merlot (Dry)Perfect match for a wide range of foods, particularly tomato-based pastas disches. Glass $ 5.9522.95
Red moscato (Sweet)Partners include soft cheese, fresh fruit, and anything spicy. Glass $ 6.5024.95
Dessert wine  
Moscato di asti ( Sweet)A delicate italian sparkling winw, delightfully sweet and fruity. Good before or after dinner. $ 6.5024.95
Imported BeerPeroni, Heineken and Corona4.25
Domestic BeerBud Light, Budweiser, Coors Light, Michelob Ultra, Miller Lite and Yuengling3.75
DrinksSweet tea, Unsweet tea, Hot tea, Coffee, Soda.2.25


Name Price
Kids soft drink1.95
Kiddie Spaghetti Meatballs 3.95
Grilled Cheese and Fries 3.95
Boneless Wings and Fries 4.95
Kiddie Ziti 3.95
Pita Pizza (with pepperoni) 5.25
Kiddie AlfredoAdd chicken $ 35.50


French Fries basket3.50
House Salad3.50
Side of Cheese0.50
Pico de Gallo1.25
Side Caesar Salad3.95
Marinara or Tomato Sauce2.00
2 Meatballs or Sausage4.00
Meat Sauce4.00
Alfredo Sauce4.00
Loaf of Bread1.00
Wings Sauce0.75
Sicilian Potato3.25
Honey Chipotle Sauce1.95
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